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Vibration Plate – Massage Fitness Machine Oscillating Power


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Vibration Plate – Massage Fitness Machine Oscillating Power

1.500w Silent Drive Motor, 2500w Peak Power, 1.5 Horse Power, 199 Speed, 5 Exercise Programmes
2.Smallest, Lightest, Thinnest yet one of the most powerful vibration plates ever made (Very Portable)
3.Engages 95% of your muscle fibres, as opposed to 30% with a normal workout
4.Sculpts, shapes, and strengthens entire body or targeted areas.
5.Highly effective workouts take less time than many forms of conven­tional exercise.
6.Low-impact exercise, not hard on joints like jogging.
7.Vibration massage soothes stiff, sore muscles.
8.Increased metabolism, burns more fat
9.Improves blood circulation
10.Increases muscle strength
11.Tones muscles
12.Improves Oxygen intake
13.Improves posture, flexibility & range of motion
14.Enhanced neuromuscular function
15.Aids in pain reduction
16. Improves bone mineral density
17.Regulates hormone production
18. Improves recovery
19. Low stress on joints when compared with running or jogging
20. Helps with reducing weight
21. Improves flexibility
22. Increases bone mineral density
23. Increases balance & co-ordination
24. Relieves back pain by decompressing the spine


– Console on base features LED screens indicating speed, timer, and program mode.
– Comes with handy remote control
– 5 auto program modes(P1-P5) and 1 manual mode.
– 99 vibration speed levels
– Very compact yet effective design – just 53cm wide vibration plate
– Plentiful 12mm vibration amplitude
– Oscillating / pivotal vibration, superior to vertical vibration.
– Detachable resistance bands for sculpting upper body.
– Rubber suction-cup feet
– Weighs just 9KG – CAn easily be moved about with minimal effort.
– Selectable run time (1-10 mins)
– Anti-jamming and anti-static overload current protection, safe and reliable.
– CE/RoHS approved

Package includes:

– Vibration Machine x 1

– Remote Control x 1
– Expander rope x 2
– Power Cord x 1
– Manual x 1


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