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LOEFME Vibration Fitness Platform Machine 3D Plate


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LOEFME Vibration Fitness Platform Machine 3D Plate

By reposeful and high-frequency vibration and sway, combined with various exercise postures, this machine can deeply stimulate muscle tissue, lower fat accumulation, rehabilitate elasticity of muscle. Sculpture beautiful body shape, then make users vitalized and feel confident.


  • Rated Power: 200w
  • Size: 58*42*16cm
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Voltage: AC220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Speed ranges: 1-999
  • Vibration Rage: Whole body

Exercise: It allow you to exercise indoor in a relatively static manner to get mind and body relased, pain and soreness relieved. Fatigue swept away. Inner circulation improved, then make you stronger and healthier.  `

Manual Mode:

Time setting 15 minutes, The user can adjust the time within 15 minutes before using.


Remote control uses two 1.5v AAA batteries(Not include).

Make sure to install correctly the batteries according to polarity in the battery compartment located in the rear part of the remote control.

The effective reception range of the remote control signal is 2.5 meters. Please keep the direction of the controller is consistent with the product receiver.

Safety Precautions:

People under these conditions below are not suggested to use the product:

 It is strongly advised to consult your doctor before use

Patients who are under treatment or fell not good

Patients with malignant tumor

Pregnant women or women in menstrual period

People with heart disease

 People with heart pacemaker or other medical electronic instrument implanted

Osteoporosis patients

People with artificial limb

People who are sensitive to vibration strenuous exercise



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