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Gym equipment for home

Gym equipment for home is, above all, the comfort of performing a number of planned exercises at the most convenient time for you. The lack of traffic jams, long journeys to crowded gyms are problems that do not apply to enthusiasts of exercising at home.

Independence from fitness clubs | lowering the cost of membership gym

Save time and money .

A home gym requires an investment. Just like buying fitness club passes, communication between home and the gym and, above all, the time spent traveling – it all costs money. However, the cost of home exercise kits need not be high. Especially by choosing ready-made proposals for every budget prepared by fitnesseshop. Also available for purchase in instalments.


Higher concentration while exercising

 Exercising at home allows you to focus on each set exactly the way you want. Good music and no queues for equipment that can be used according to the scheduled time for training are the most important advantages of having a home gym.

Hygiene and psychological comfort. For instance:

  • No observers
  • clean equipment

Comfort fitness space

Not very comfortable conditions in the cloakroom and equipment with clear signs of use are problems that cannot be avoided by paying for the pass. Training at home guarantees comfort on many levels – not only while lifting weights, but also before and after work.

How to arrange a home gym?

Home gym equipment is a wide range of products in the fitnesseshop store that are at the customer’s fingertips. A small gym at home, because this is where your adventure with sports in four walls usually begins, guarantees training at home for every muscle part in a very efficient way. When taking your first steps in exercising at home, determine the necessary equipment that you will need. Moreover, home gym is more and more often done by women, both young and mothers who cannot afford going to the gym.

Basic home gym equipment


A classic barbell is a basic element of equipment of even the smallest gym. In combination with a straight bench, it allows you to perform exercises involving the muscles of the chest, triceps and shoulders. We will build the muscles of the legs, back and biceps with the same barbell. The gym equipment should mainly be based on such products.

Exercise bike – cardio machines

It is also perfect for both male and female sex.


If we choose treadmills, it can replace us with an exercise bike. The offer includes various sizes of treadmills that fold easily and quickly and can be stored anywhere, because they do not take up much space.

Training benches

Perfect for lifting loads, and general fitness requiring support, lying down.

To be continuous…

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