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Squats with dumbbells

Squats with dumbbells   – general introduction

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. You can point your fingers gently outward. Hold dumbbells with a neutral grip (like instance hammers) to the sides. Push your hips back and squat with your thighs at least parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position. It is good to remember that the movement should always be initiated with the hips, the knees should be included in the game next. Below we present one of the well-known positions which is for instance

Squats with dumbbells - Bulgarian squat

Bulgarian squat will not only help strengthen the muscles of our buttocks, moreover will greatly affect the quadriceps muscles of the thighs. The following muscles are involved in this exercise:

  • quadriceps muscles
  • gluteal muscles
  • a group of ischio-shin muscles
  • straight abdominal muscles

This is a multitasking exercise and should be done carefully if possible.


Squats with dumbbells

Exercise technique

Place one of the legs on a stable support.The arms and dumbbells rest freely along the body, the knee joint is locked.The knee of the back leg is slightly bent, the chest is slightly pushed out.Starting from the above position, breathe in sharply into the diaphragm, and then move the knee of the squat leg slightly forward, leaving the foot flatly glued to the ground. Remember to keep the natural curvature of the spine.We descend to the feeling of significant stretching of the back leg, then come back to the starting position.We perform the exercise a few repetitions for both legs.

The effects of squats with dumbbells

Correctly performed squats with dumbbells will certainly result in strengthening and sculpting the muscles of the legs. It is worth noting, however, that during the exercises, not only the muscles of the lower extremities work, but also the abdominal muscles, and sometimes the entire body and the back. Systematic squats with dumbbells will certainly have a positive effect on the figure, and at the same time support the overall endurance and efficiency of the body.

Weights for dumbbell squats

The choice of load when performing squats is very important. The most important rule is not to overdo it. If you do not adjust to the rules, you can get injured. The next training will be impossible. The weight we choose should be adjusted to the individual skills and level of training, and you can gradually increase it. When selecting the load, one should pay attention to whether we can perform exercises with it in the correct technique, without curvature of the spine and without overloading the joints. When exercising with free weights, it is also worth investing in gymnastic skins to strengthen the grip and protect the skin of the hands. You will find a wide selection of dumbbells, racks and accessories for exercises in the Fitness e shop.

We have described some exercises for you. However, if you are not sure what weight the dumbbells should have or how to properly perform the exercises, we suggest consulting a personal trainer, even if you exercise in the comfort of your home gym.

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