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Bench press dumbbell

Bench press dumbbell. Bench press dumbbell. The perfect device for exercises to strengthen the muscles, especially abdomen, arms, legs and back.

It is an ideal solution for people exercising with dumbbells or weights. It can also be used as an auxiliary fitness equipment for instance

by performing various stretching exercises and relaxing muscles.

What are the types of bench press dumbbells?

Olympic benches are much more solid and more durable. As a result, you can train on them with much heavier weights (the total weight

of yours and the barbells). It belongs to the group of exercise benches that are very popular in home gyms. Olympic benches will also be a good choice when equipping a commercial gym.

Is it worth buying a bench press dumbbell or another?

Definitely yes !

Benches designed for training on the abdominal, chest and back muscles are available at every gym. People who have decided to train at home should definitely consider buying this equipment. Professional home gym equipment is the key to success and correctness in performing the exercises.

Optimum bench height for bench press.

Parameters provided by Fitnes e shop are only optional, however, as a rule, they constitute the minimum basis for the appropriate size of bench benches for exercises.The width should not be lower than 29 but not higher than 32 cm. Height not less than 42 cm and not more than 45 cm. A bench measured from the floor to the upholstered top, not squeezed.The height of the stands, which must be adjustable, should be a minimum of 75 cm and a maximum of 110 cm from the floor to the point of support of the bar.We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of exercise benches.

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