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Adjustable Dumbbells 2x 25kg TCTNT Pair Set 5kg – 25kg


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Adjustable Dumbbells 2x 25kg TCTNT Pair Set 5kg – 25kg

Power your workouts with these sleek, adjustable dumbbells. 
Save space and save money with 5 different weight settings on each dumbbell. No need to purchase an entire set of dumbbells anymore,
and no need to worry about where to store all of your weights. The TCTNT 25kg adjustable dumbbell takes care of that
Versatile in design, simply select the weight you want A quick turn of the dial allows you to navigate your preferred exercise level with ease
– you can train with lighter weights or max it out with the heaviest setting!. Each dumbbell adjusts from 5kg to 25kg.
The weight increments are: 5kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,25kg
As a safety feature, the dumbbell base and plate securely lock into place and will only rotate once the dumbbell is positioned back into it’s slot. 
Ideal for a series of exercises, with weights to target all muscles group workouts, ranging from small muscle workouts like Rotator
Cuff Rotations, to compound exercises like Squats and Deadlifts
Silicone steel, anti-slip, anti-fade handle will keep your grip locked on to the weights when training.



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