A treadmill is one of the most popular cardio equipment for home exercises and general body condition. This equipment gives you the opportunity to train at home at any time of the day or year, and are also available at commercial gyms as one of the basic equipment.

Choosing a treadmill

There are some general rules to consider when choosing the right running equipment. The size of the running belt should be chosen according to your height. Tall people should choose a treadmill with a 165 by 60 cm belt. If you are of shorter height, you can opt for a small home treadmill.

Treadmill Power

The power of the treadmill motor is an important parameter in terms of endurance and possible speed. Treadmills with more powerful motors above 1.47 kW / 2 HP, with a peak power above 2.21 kW / 3 HP, are usually offered for advanced runners.

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