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Vibration Plate Bluetooth Music Massage Oscillating Fitness Body Shaker


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Vibration Plate Bluetooth Music Massage Oscillating Fitness Body Shaker

Silent Moto & 3D Vibration Solid ABS body with anti-skid platform&4 base suction,200W power

copper motors support 3D all-directional vibration,create a safe exercise condition and give you an

excellent fitness experience .Fitness Plate has been certified by CE.150kg maximum support user weight.
Customise Your Programs Our fitness specialists have programmed 5 workouts just for you. Each 10

minute program is designed for specific fitness goals: general fitness, fat loss, strength building,

massage & circulation or bone density;
The vibration speed can be adjusted from 1 to 16 levels to meet different intensity training.
With Resistance Band Our resistance bands make the perfect at-home gym cardio bundle to tone

and strengthen your upper and lower body.
Upgrade Functional Design This Machine with LCD Intelligence Monitor, Supports Bluetooth & USB connect,

easy to use and you can listen to music from all Bluetooth compatible devices like phone, tablet, MP3 Player,

or laptop, just enjoy music when you workout.
Enhance Toning & Shaping 180 Levels + 5 In-Built Automatic programs. The Ultra Slim Vibration Plate is packed

with cutting edge toning technology. 90 levels of vibration intensity challenge anyone from athletes to total beginners.
Ideal Home Gym Equipment Best for improving circulation, muscle strengthening, sports training, weight loss, cellulite

reduction, muscle building, reduction of the stress elevation levels. Improve your health and release yourself from

a hard-working day. Only 10 to 15 minutes a day, bring you a new and high healthy life.


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