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UPGRADED Reebok GT40z Folding Treadmill


UPGRADED Reebok GT40z Folding Treadmil

The Reebok GT40z folding treadmill has just received an upgrade, making it an even better option for those looking for a great home cardio workout. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can now connect to the Zwift and Kinomap apps, allowing for interactive and exciting workouts. You’ll be able to take part in group workouts, events, and races, as well as enjoy live action videos in beautiful locations. You can even challenge your friends to multiplayer sessions or enjoy video game style training.

In addition to the app connectivity, the GT40z has a powerful 2.0 HP motor, allowing for a top speed of 18kph (11mph). The running deck measures 45cm (18″) x 130cm (51″), providing ample space for you to run or walk. The treadmill also has 12 levels of power incline, which allows you to customize your workout to your fitness level. It also features the One series cushioning system, which is designed to provide joint-friendly workouts and added support.

You can track your progress on the 5” LCD screen and choose from a selection of 43 motivating programs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this treadmill is sure to provide you with an effective and versatile workout. So, if you’re looking for a way to take your home cardio workouts to the next level, the Reebok GT40z folding treadmill is definitely worth considering.


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