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PR1000 Folding Home Gym by Bowflex


PR1000 Folding Home Gym by Bowflex


  • Compact, adjustable home training hub for a total body workout
  • 25+ strength exercises
  • Built-in rowing station
  • Space-saving folding design
  • Built-in media rack that fits any tablet or smartphone
  • Seven trainer-built workouts included
  • Resistance: 95kg (210lbs) Power Rod resistance
  • Vertical bench press and pulley system
  • Decline, flat and incline backrest positions
  • Bowflex hand grips included
  • Endless workout variations
  • Multiple cable pulley positions
  • Horizontal folding bench press
  • Leg curl/leg extension
  • Sliding seat rail
  • Padded 4-foam leg developer for targeting your quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Ergonomic cushioned adjustable seat and backrest
  • Sturdy and stable construction for added safety during training sessions
  • Space-efficient design ideal for home gyms with a limited workout space
  • Power Rods Construction: Nylon composite material with a protective black rubber coating
  • Each rod is marked with its weight rating on the “rod cap”
  • Aircraft grade galvanised steel cables with nylon coating
  • Exercises: Aerobic rowing, bench press, decline bench press, incline bench press, seated shoulder press, front shoulder raise, crossover seated rear deltoid rows, scapular retraction, narrow pulldowns, stiff arm pulldowns, seated Lat rows, reverse grip pulldown, seated low back extension, triceps pushdown, lying triceps extension, standing biceps curl, standing wrist curl, seated (resisted) abdominal crunch, trunk rotation, leg extension, calf raise, seated hip adduction, seated hip abduction, standing leg kickback, leg press
  • Seat and Bench Positions: Flat bench, 45° incline and free-sliding seat extension
  • Padding Thickness (Seat & Backrest): 53mm (2”)
  • Padding Material: Urethane foam, polyurethane foam, plywood backing, vinyl cover
  • Construction: Structural steel frame, nylon/PVC rods
  • Dimensions: Length=208cm (82″), Length Maximum (in Use)=262cm (103”), Width=203cm (80″), Height=209cm (82.3″)
  • Folded Dimensions: Length=113.5cm (44.7”), Width=203cm (80”), Height=209cm (82.3″)
  • Max. User Weight: 136kg (300lbs)
  • Product Weight: 59.5kg (131lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years

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