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Marcy Multi Home Gym System Stack Body Workout Machine 68kg


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Marcy Multi Home Gym System Stack Body Workout Machine 68kg

The Marcy 68kg (150lbs) Stack Home Gym system, is an ideal attribute to any home and will provide you with a complete body workout. The gym system is made up of a heavy duty 14-gauge steel tube frame. Protective stack covers can be found on the weights for added durability and safety. The tough frame can fully support the 68kg weights that are in constant motion.

This gym system comes equipped with a dual function arm press, adjustable bicep pad with roller pads, adjustable butterfly attachment, leg developer and a lat pull station. The press and vertical butterfly attachment are great for upper body exercises including chest and pec fly pressing. The lat bar is ideal for pulldowns which is designed to target both chest and back whilst building shoulder strength. The dumbells and weights are for bicep and with the added comfort of the preacher curl bicep pad it doesn’t add unnecessary strain to your body.

You will never have an excuse to miss leg day again with this dual function leg developer. The pivot point is designed to align the knee joints when moving to help keep them in the correct position. This is complete with foam roller pads for added comfort and easy grip.



  • Steel Construction: This home gym system is made of heavy duty 14-gauge steel tube frame and vinyl coated for extra durability with a total weight of 68kgs. Change your settings by simply inserting the weight pin into your desired weight and lift.
  • Dual Function Arm Rest: This press arm has two settings: vertical butterfly and chest press. When set to vertical butterfly, each press swings individually to strengthen the muscles while switching to chest press is easy by inserting the pin and lift.
  • Double Pulley Stations: Two separate lateral bars give you different options to strengthen your muscles. The pulley system allows easy weight lifting by using the lateral bars for pull ups, pullovers, pulldowns, and pulley rows to build your body muscle.
  • Easy Leg Workouts: With thick foam roller padding and a dual function leg developer that comes with a pivot point for a comfortable workout, the low pulley can be used for leg workouts via pulls with the foot wrap that can be attached to the leg developer.
  • Racher Curl Bicep Pad: This bicep pad is fully adjustable. Use it to pump some iron or use it with the lower pulley in a seated position. Perform barbell and hammer curls with ease without putting too much strain on your back.
  • Seat Pad Surface Area: W 41 x D 32 cm
  • Floor To Seat Pad Height: 51 cm
  • Framework: 14 guage 5 x 5 cm steel frame
  • Cables: 907.2kg (2000lb)
  • Pulleys: 4″ (10.2 cm)
  • Max User Weight: 135kg
  • Weight: 117kg
  • Dimensions: H 210 x W 172 x D 91 cm



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