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Cardiovascular equipment/cardio machine

Cardio Equipment

Machines available in every gym or fitness studio. It allows you to burn a lot of calories in one training session. It also allows you to precisely adjust the training intensity to our individual abilities.

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These are used to help beginners training for competition Olympic lifting. Training plates normally only come in 2.5Kg and 5Kg. 2.5Kg Olympic technique discs and 5Kg Olympic Technique discs are the same diameter of a 20Kg or 25Kg IWF weightlifting disc.

Professional Fitness equipment UK

Leg machines

Professional machines for carving the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and calves. Strength exercises on machines of this type involve these specific muscle groups.

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Exercise Bike


High quality products ,modern design .Ideal equipment to your home gym .


Home Gym Equipment

Wide range of treadmills products .

Workout station


Find out more for gym equipment professional machines .

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Fitness equipment uk

Fitness equipment uk . More and more people in the world are beginning to spend time on active recreation.Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to use commercial gyms,but there is a great method for it. If you take care of your body, you can do it both at home.Moreover, more and more fitness equipment is designed for purely domestic use.What distinguishes home fitness equipment? for instance:The manufacturer of fitness equipment for home use has taken into account all aspects that make it easier to store the equipment at home, so they can be easily assembled, take up less space or are also lighter.In addition, it is also worth mentioning that each of the fitness equipment is also multifunctional.

Perfect equipment for any home gym - fitness equipment uk

A properly equipped exercise zone will allow you to train regularly,thanks to which you will stay in good shape and take care of your health. Depending on the type of exercise you choose,you will also successfully strengthen individual muscle groups as part of your home training.Which you care about the most or worth improving.

Which exercise equipment is worth investing?

Fitness equipment UK offers a wide range of products. Depending on whether you are a woman or a man,our offer will help you make the right choice.We present to you high-quality fitness equipment that has the necessary approvals and safety certificates for use at home.Each of the fitness equipment we offer includes instructions for use, assembly instructions.If you need more help or you do not knowwhich fitness equipment will be right for you? Contact us, we will certainly advise you on how to equip your private home gym for you.

Fitness equipment uk. Professional equipment for home use

A wide range of cardio machines, including for instance:
Exercise bike
Rowing machines
Cross trainers, ellipticals
Vibration plates.

In addition, strength training and weights :
Training benches
Weight plates
Kettlebells and gym equipment

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