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Exercise Bikes Indoor Cycling Bike Bicycle Home Fitness Workout Machines


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Exercise Bikes Indoor Cycling Bike Bicycle Home Fitness Workout Machines

  • Burn more calories and get the feel of a real road bike with this Exercise Bike.
  • Fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and resistance let you continue to challenge yourself over time, while experiencing comfortable ride along the way.
  • Belt drive mechanism is smooth and whisper-quiet-particularly nice when watching TV or movies during your workout and heavy-duty crank and steel frame will stand the test of time.
  • Comes With Display Computer:  Mode; Carlos; Speed; Time; Distance
  • Adjustable Seat Height And Handle Bar Angle
  • Smooth & Quiet Cycle Action
  • Compact Design: Suitable For Home/Office Use
  • Fully Adjustable Resistance
  • Color:As Shown
  • Product Material:Steel
  • Product Size:116*101*49cm
  • Type:Exercise Bike
  • Activity:Fitness, Gym & Training
Package Included
  • 1 x Fitness trainer

The direction of forward rotation of the two pedals is opposite. From the front of the left and right pedals, the right side is clockwise, so it needs to be locked clockwise. The left side is counterclockwise, so it needs to be locked counterclockwise.

  1. When U START, Different directions can make both sides “step more and more tightly”
  2. If you feel that you can’t stretch your legs, the sound is too noisy, just adjust the seat to the highest level. Seat height can be adjusted. When the brake is assembled too tightly, there will be a sound when it is used, just loosen the brake. There is a friction sound when it is too close to the flywheel.
  3. The bicycle does not have the function of a pulse meter and a phone card slot,and does not have a place to card the phone
  4.  When installing the monitor, pay attention to the front and back of the wire interface





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