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Echelon GT+ Smart Connect LE Indoor Cycle


Echelon GT+ Smart Connect LE Indoor Cycle

By integrating the Echelon GT+ Smart Connect LE indoor cycle into your home gym, you can elevate your cycling experience to a high-end studio level. With its Bluetooth technology, you can seamlessly connect the bike to various compatible apps such as Strava, Apple Health, FitBit, and Echelon Fit. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to track your performance stats, virtually cycle across different locations, and train alongside world-class instructors.
With the included free 30-day Echelon Premier Membership, you gain access to a plethora of live and on-demand workouts and studio classes. This ensures that you always have a diverse range of training sessions to choose from, keeping your workouts fresh and engaging. Moreover, the rotating tablet mount on the bike can flip 180°, offering versatility for off-bike workouts, giving you the flexibility to engage in other exercises as well.
The 7kg (15lbs) flywheel of the Echelon GT+ Smart Connect LE generates smooth and consistent resistance for your rides. With 32 levels of manually controlled magnetic resistance, you have complete control over the difficulty level, allowing you to tailor each session to your preferences and fitness goals.
The bike is designed for comfort and functionality. It features ergonomic pedals with SPD shoe clips and toe cages, allowing you to securely and comfortably lock your feet in place while pedaling. Additionally, the practical dumbbell rack enables you to incorporate strength training into your cycling regime, providing a holistic workout experience.
Transforming your home gym into a high-end cycling studio is made seamless with the Echelon GT+ Smart Connect LE indoor cycle. With its advanced features and versatility, you can take your cycling training to new heights and enjoy the benefits of professional instruction and connected fitness community at the convenience of your own home.

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